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Superplasticizers are high range water reducers that are used in making high strength concrete.

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Shotcrete Accelerators

It is a dry powder of a proprietary product supplied to shoot into very wet areas.

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It is added to a material to make it softer, flexible, less viscosity & enhances plasticity.

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Water Proofing Compound

It is a coating of the surface to make it waterproof & durable.

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Curing Compounds

These compounds are essential in hydration of cement & thus help in preventing loss of moisture content from the concrete.

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Rock Anchoring

Rock Anchors are added to the mixture to increase the strength of the surface.

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Air Entraining

This agent is an intentional creation of tiny air bubbles in concrete to increase the workability of the flooring or surface.

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De-Shuttering Agent

They are unique aluminium seasoning agents that give smooth & clean release of concrete.

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Coatings that provide dust-free floor surface & are highly resistant to abrasion.

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Floor Hardeners

These are added to cement to increase the strength of the floor & harden it further.

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It is a preparatory coating on the material before painting.

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Tiles Adhesive Join Fillers

These are used to fill the gaps or joints & also enhance the adhesiveness of the tiles.

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Grout is a dense fluid that is used to fill gaps or to reinforce existing structures.

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Road Marketing Paint

It is a kind of powder paint that is also known as hot melt marking paint. They are used to make various marks on the roads.

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Chemical Cleaning Services

Polygon Chemicals also undertakes complete chemical cleaning of heat exchangers, boilers, cooling circuits, pre-commissioning and post operation cleaning of pipelines and conduits etc. Chemical cleaning jobs are executed by an expert team of field personnel with wide experience in chemical cleaning in Naval installations, Sugar and Petrochemical industries and offshore platforms. The field team comprises of a Chemical/Technical Manager (expert), Site Engineer, Two technicians/chemists, and skilled workers. This is further backed by the presence of two highly qualified technologists (Ph.D.) at the home base. Expert advice to solve any specific problems, which may be encountered on the job, is available in house.

Pre-operational Chemical Cleaning of Boilers

  • In-service Chemical Cleaning of Boilers
  • Chemical Cleaning of Heat Exchangers
  • Chemical Cleaning of Pipelines
  • Steam Blowing
  • Chemical Cleaning of Stator Water System
  • Chemical Cleaning of Turbine Lube Oil System
  • Chemical Cleaning of Condensate and Feed Water System
  • Hydro Jetting Services

Sectors Catered to:-

The chemical arm caters to the various industries of the infrastructure sector as shown across. The specialty chemicals applications in these sectors are increasing and are being widely accepted. According to a thumb rule, specialty construction chemicals account for anywhere between 2-5% of the total construction cost depending on the type of the project. Construction Industry is the second largest industry of the country after agriculture.


The company has the distinguished track record of servicing clients across the different sub sectors of infrastructure like Construction, Hydro Power, Petrochemicals and Fertilizers. Some of the esteemed clients of the company in the domestic market are as follows:

  • Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Ltd
  • Jai Prakash Associates Limited
  • D.L.F. Group
  • GVK Projects Ltd
  • Alakananda Hydro
  • Ashoka Buildcon Limited
  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd
  • Supreme Infrastructure Ltd
  • Hindustan Construction Co.
  • Mahavir Road Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd
  • WIG Brothers Construction Co. Ltd
  • B L Gupta Construction Pvt. Ltd.
  • ERA Group
  • Nanded City


The company has invested heavily in creating a state-of-the-art infrastructural facility to meet the growing demands of various user industries. The infrastructural facility comprises of sophisticated manufacturing units, in-house design unit, quality testing laboratory, research facility, storage and packaging facility. Being spread across a sprawling area of 60,000 square feet, both the manufacturing units are equipped with essential and requisite machinery for the formulation of the specialty chemicals with a combined production capacity of ~20000 MT per annum. Infrastructure facilities comprises of Reactors, Condensers, Centrifuges, Vessels, Storage tanks, Pulverisers, Boilers and Pumps.

Ware Housing & Packaging:

R & D:-

The company has geared itself with sophisticated research unit, which is essentially focusing on improving the manufacturing technology for existing specialty chemicals while also emphasizing on developing new specialty chemical formulations. The R&D unit assists the production unit in minimizing drawbacks in the chemical formulation process and is involved in continuous analysis and investigation of best chemical formulations available globally and incorporates the desirable features in wide range of chemicals.

Ware housing and packaging:-

The company has a well developed storage facility that enables in easy and effective storage of comprehensive range of specialty chemicals. The company uses optimum quality of packaging material such as metal and plastic drums to store and deliver the wide array of specialty chemicals.

Construction Chemical Industry

The construction industry is the key end user of construction chemicals. These special chemicals are used in pre- and post-construction stage and are also used for repair and maintenance of these structures. They are used as an additive to concrete/mortar or as an application on masonry surfaces. These chemicals modify and enhance the properties of concrete in fresh and hardened state. They are also used in structures to increase their life and to impart additional protection from environmental hazards.

Construction Chemicals can broadly be categorized into five groups:

  • Concrete and Mortar Admixtures.
  • Water Proofing Compounds.
  • Floor Hardeners.
  • Protective Coatings and Resins.
  • Adhesives and Sealants.

The Indian construction chemicals industry, termed as a ‘sunrise industry’, is already showing colours but is yet to blossom fully. Construction chemicals account for between 2-5% of overall construction costs, but the benefits are in multiples. Rising awareness, changing lifestyles and most importantly, the increasing spending power of end users will be the key drivers in the sustained expansion of the Indian construction chemicals market.With a vast range of products matching international standards, not only is the potential for growth immense, it keeps gathering momentum as the awareness is spreading.

Access to foreign technology and the entry of foreign companies in the construction sector have helped to change the mindset of the people that has eventually resulted in quicker growth of the construction chemicals sector. Further, in case of several projects funded by multilateral agencies like the ADB and World Bank, the use of construction

The market for construction chemicals can be divided into buildings and infrastructure projects like roads, bridges and dams. In case of buildings there is new construction as well as renovation and rehabilitation of old buildings. This sector is mostly catered to by the unorganized sector. Similarly, in case of infrastructure projects too there is repair and renovation of existing structures. But such contracts are infrequent. In future, this trend is likely to change as the projects gets larger and complex, thus, requiring regular maintenance.

At the lower end of the quality spectrum, the market space is really crowded, with unorganized sector contributing substantially. On the other hand, the market is significantly organized, especially in the industrial and infrastructure sectors. The business of construction chemicals is largely formulations based, except for a few who

manufacture resins and polymers. The main players are concentrated in getting big business from industrial and infrastructure sectors. If this sector may be defined as organized, not more than four to five companies lead in the sector.

The future prospects of the construction chemical industry are very bright. The roadmap outlined by the Indian government for investments in infrastructure sector will certainly act in boosting prospects for this sector. Also, the emphasis on quality and timely completion of work will certainly increase the consumption of construction chemicals in the country.

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